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Why Dubai is an attractive option for Investment

Why Dubai is an attractive option for Investment

When evaluating many cities with the most comfortable conditions for living, one unwittingly thinks about Dubai. Let’s try to clear up why Dubai is so attractive for life. Dubai is the city with numerous sandy beaches, which are washed by the azure waters of the Persian Gulf, and the Sun shines and greenery blooms all the year round here. Every year Dubai attracts more and more people from all around the world, who want to live and to work in its comfortable climate.

In terms of comfort Dubai is the very attractive for life – there are perfect climatic conditions during the eight months of a year. And even when the summer heat begins, a comfort remains at a high level. The high temperature is almost not felt – all the public and social premises are well air-conditioned. And in winter the weather is quite warm here, the temperature is about +25 degrees Celsius. The temperature of the sea and air are perfectly and harmoniously combined here, providing the people living here with an unforgettable experience. Dubai can be safely called the city of five-stars.

Dubai is washed by the waters of the Persian Gulf. The coastline of Dubai is about 70 km. The greater part of this line is allocated for modern beaches. Today, on the coast, there is an active construction of the exotic artificial Islands which strike with the splendor. The Persian Gulf boasts a rich flora and fauna. The abundance of flora and fauna affects with diversity. One can taste delicious seafood dishes in any local restaurant. Dubai is attractive for life and for many funs of culinary delights and gastronomic holidays.

Besides, Dubai has the strategic geographic location. This city is the major trading center and a major transportation hub for the entire Middle East. Geographically it is situated at the crossroads of three major continents – Asia, Africa and Europe. One of the most important facilities of Dubai is the international airport, which connects the whole world. Eighty largest airlines in the world work here and connect many cities of the world.

DubaiThe location of Dubai is very favorable for carrying on business. The intersection of the trade routes allows to develop trade very actively. There are all the ideal conditions for development here: modern infrastructure, airports and seaports, all these together give the answer as to why Dubai is so attractive for life. It is the most proper place for international trade, and even the global financial crises cannot change the situation.

Dubai can be compared with the biblical Babylon city, because here, hand-in-hand work and live representatives of different nations, religions and cultures. The total share of the local population in Dubai is about 10%, and the rest are foreigners who consider that Dubai is attractive for life. This factor allows foreign citizens to feel more freely and comfortably, here you will not feel yourself a stranger. Among the other seven Arab Emirates, Dubai has a particularly loyal policy towards the residing foreign citizens.

It is necessary to say a few words about the level of healthcare services in Dubai. Medicine in Dubai has reached truly significant heights. You will be amazed by the incredibly high level of service in medical institutions, and it does not depend on the form of ownership, either it is private or public establishment. And the local private clinics are the representative branches of the world’s best medical institutions with highly qualified staff and level of service. There is everything needed here for the effective medical care. There are accredited hospitals and clinics, developed infrastructure, professional specialists, advanced innovative technologies, safety and comfort.

It can be noted that the great attention in Dubai is paid to the issues of health of the population and healthcare, and the level of service is very high and professional. That’s why Dubai is attractive for life.

Dubai is characterized by a well-developed system of education. There are a lot of educational institutions for students of all ages. Opening and presentations of the new modern schools are held annually here. There is a wide choice of private and state schools, in which all the necessary conditions for effective learning are created. All the schools are equipped with modern equipment and technologies. Additional and optional classes for pupils include swimming, gymnastics, ballet, languages, golf, football, rugby, horse riding and much more. The education system of the country is focused on the current international standards and norms.

The world’s leading educational institutions are cooperating closely with the local educational institutions in the field of mass communications, management, public relations and high technologies. Any person, regardless of citizenship, national or religious affiliation can become a student in this country. The modern Emirate of Dubai was and will remain interesting for life.

We think that after reading this article you got the answer to the question of why Dubai is so attractive for life. Because here there are all the conditions for a comfortable stay. While staying in Dubai, each person has the opportunity to build long-term plans and to be truly the master of his own life. The whole policy of the state and the structure of the government system, are designed for its residents, and called upon to defend their interests.

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