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A Virtual Tour of Expo 2020

A Virtual Tour of Expo 2020

Expo 2020 has been termed as the most future-forward global expo to happen in history and there is a good reason for it. Nearly 34 Expo 2020 pavilions have been revealed so far, which have left the world in awe. With each country showcasing the best and latest of their abilities, keeping in line with the Expo’s themes of sustainability, mobility and opportunity, there are plenty of wow-worthy elements taking shape on the Expo 2020 site to blow your mind away.


With only fourteen months to go before the start of the Expo 2020 Dubai, all the preparations around the event have gained greater momentum. More than 190 countries are taking part in the Expo, which means there are just as many Expo 2020 pavilions that will combine creativity, inspiration and architectural genius to bring you fascinating structures worth admiring.

Out of the 34 that are revealed so far, these are our top picks for the best Expo 2020 country pavilions.


Designed by renowned architects from Madrid, Amann-Canovas-Maruri, the Spanish pavilion Expo 2020 is structured like cones. These cones are engineered to facilitate acoustic and thermal insulation. Constructed entirely from recyclable materials including fabric, iron and wood, this Dubai Expo 2020 pavilion features an exhibition area in the basement that will connect to the different entertainment spaces out in the open.

The Spain pavilion Expo 2020 will also revisit the country’s Hispanic-Arab history as an ode to the “Golden Age” of ethnic and religious tolerance of circa 711-1492. You can find the Spain pavilion in the Dubai Expo 2020 Sustainability Pavilion.


UAE Pavilion Expo 2020
The gigantic Expo 2020 UAE pavilion focuses on harnessing sustainable energy from the surroundings (Image Credits: Expo 2020 official website)

Next on our list of the best Expo 2020 pavilions is the UAE pavilion, designed by the distinguished architect Santiago Calatrava. The structure was inspired by the UAE’s national bird – the falcon – in flight. Spread across 15,000 sq.m, the pavilion features “wings” that move up and down to yield sustainable energy.

Inside the UAE Expo 2020 pavilion, one can experience the rich cultural heritage of the country as well as the aspiring future plans of the UAE. It’s a journey through the UAE’s endeavours to create a futuristic, progressive and peaceful society. The pavilion will look over the impressive Al Wasl Plaza – one of the many EXPO 2020 projects being undertaken in Dubai.


Staying true to its roots, the Expo 2020 Chinese pavilion is modelled like the traditional Chinese lantern. Built from eco-friendly materials using innovative modern techniques, the structure combines elements of China’s incredible past and imposing future into spectacular displays of achievement.

The most prominent of these displays is the exterior wall of the lantern-shaped structure, engineered to showcase China’s innovative movable-type printing invention. The same will convert into a dazzling display of digital lights by night – a spectacle you wouldn’t want to miss.


The Sweden pavilion Expo 2020 is designed by three different Stockholm-based architects – Studio Adrien Gardere, Luigi Pardo Architetti and Alessandro Ripellino Architects. Seemingly simple, this nature-inspired Expo 2020 pavilion will make you feel you’re walking through the Nordic forests with intricate eastern and western influences.

With tall posts resembling tree trunks, raised elevations inspired by tree houses and wooden lattice screens reminiscent of Islamic geometric design that create a dazzling light display – visitors are in for a one-of-a-kind immersive experience of Sweden’s connection with Mother Nature.


You’ll find the Belgium pavilion among those located in the Mobility Pavilion Expo 2020. Covered in lush greenery, this pavilion is designed to produce more energy than it consumes, all of it using renewable sources of energy.

Did you know that this ark-inspired structure in Expo 2020 will hold more than ten thousand plants fed with smart technology? The highlight of the Belgium pavilion Expo 2020, however, will be the selection of its culinary offerings that include the world-famous Belgian fries.

The UK Expo 2020 pavilion, also called the ‘poem pavilion’ is a masterpiece by British designer and artist, Es Devlin, OBE. The structure is built to highlight the prominence of the UK’s space sector and artificial intelligence. Shaped like a conch shell, this dramatic pavilion will feature a glowing LED façade.

The UK Pavilion will get its name as the ‘poem pavilion’ by using artificial intelligence to generate poems that will form an illuminated ‘message to space’. What’s more exciting is that attendees who visit the pavilion will be able to contribute to these AI-generated messages, too!


Brazil Pavilion EXPO 2020
The nature-centric Brazil Pavilion Expo 2020 is a treat for anyone who loves to surround themselves with Mother Nature (Image Credits: EXPO 2020 official website)

One of the most immersive pavilions in Expo 2020 Dubai will be Brazil. Its design is a collaboration between three world-renowned architecture firms – MMBB Arquitetos, Ben-Avid and JPG.ARQ. The structure is made using lightweight white fabric that will double as a projection screen, which will turn the pavilion into a massive amphitheatre.

The pavilion is surrounded by a shallow water pool, which combined with immersive visuals will transport visitors to Brazil. You can experience the best of nature that Brazil offers in the form of gushing rivers and azure skies, lush green vegetation and endless landscapes – all of it at the Expo 2020 site next year.



The Netherlands Pavilion features a cone-shaped vertical farm. The sustainable structure will create rainfall to water itself. This vertical farm will also grow special mushrooms that can be substituted as sustainable building materials.


Also worth mentioning among the top Expo 2020 pavilions is the Germany pavilion with its ingenious showcases of modern science and technology. The most impressive displays on the Germany pavilion will be its solar power generating concrete and the Robo-Beethoven – a chance to listen to Beethoven’s legendary work covered by performing robots!


Shaped like a polygon, the Monaco Pavilion brings you the sights, smells and sounds of the French Riviera. Resembling the maze-like streets of Monaco, the structure includes an extraordinary Kaleidoscope exhibition that will display the history, culture, art, gastronomy and innovation of Monaco.



Just when you think that Expo 2020 cannot get any better, it surprises you with things you least expect. There will be plenty of food served at the event and all of it will be sourced from the world’s largest vertical farm! Collaborating with Emirates Flight Catering, Expo 2020 will showcase the deliciousness of sustainable cuisine made from fresh produce grown right next door.


Astonished by the creativity and technology used to build the stunning Expo 2020 pavilions? Wait till you set your eyes on the world’s first ropeless elevator. Engineered to maximise the potential of magnetic technology, this innovative elevator will wow you with its unique features. You’ve seen elevators move up and down, but have you seen one that will take you from one side to another,  horizontally? Witness that at Expo 2020 Dubai.


For the entire 173-day duration of Expo 2020, there will be various celebrations marking the event. The Expo 2020 schedule has announced 60 entertainment events to be hosted daily. But that is just one part of the grand celebrations. The Expo 2020 duration will fall in time for Christmas, Diwali, Chinese New Year, New Year’s Eve and the UAE National Day and each of these festivals promise to bring action-packed celebrations and entertainment for everyone in attendance.



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